Employer Survey Report


Employer Survey ReportThe Regional Workforce Intelligence Network interviewed area employers on their current and anticipated labor needs in March and April 2011.


Overall, respondents to the survey demonstrated some optimism in their future sales and future hiring. Most industries expect to see some increases in hiring in the coming year. This is encouraging considering employment has been slow to recover from the 2007-2009 recession.


The survey also shows the type of employees these companies are hiring. Most open positions require little to no experience. Furthermore, the levels of education needed for most of these positions are low, with more than half not requiring anything more than a high school diploma. It is clear that according to the sample, businesses are looking for more entry-level workers whom they expect to train on-the-job.


Of particular interest to the Regional Workforce Intelligence Network were the perceived shortcomings these companies found in the labor pool. When businesses were asked to list the shortcomings of recent applicants, 30 percent said "none." A lack of technical skills, poor work ethic and general lack of knowledge about their given industry were the most common shortcomings, but none of them were selected more than 19 percent of the time.


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